Scott Marshall Trio "FACE IT"

This recording featuring Scott on saxophones Wes Neal on Accoustic Bass, and Marcel Acoin on Boston Steinway Piano was masterfully recorded by Jim Morgan at Acrobat Music. Face It is a nine song exploration of the drummerless jazz trio. Four of the songs are classic jazz standards, and five of the songs are original compositions. This cd has been described as smooth, rich, and lush, and many are suprised by how full the recording sounds.The musicians take the listener through a sophisticated musical adventure as they demonstrate their comfort with a wide ranging repetoire and swinging grooves. avilable at or check link on this site

cd at cdbaby

Out of Order "What Now"

This fifeteen song masterpeice showcases the composistional skills of many of the groups performers, and exlemplifies the broad musical pallete that the ensemble has become kown for in its eleven year history. Musicians are Scott Marshall on tenor sax, Evan Shaw on alto and soprano sax, Mike Doherty on keys and percussion, Alex Porter on Drums and geordie Haley on Guitar. scottophone@hotmail

Lyne Tremblay "Break and Enter"

13 songs arranged by Scott Marshall for this dynamic entertainer, A critically acclaimed cd produced by Lyne Tremblay, Scott Marshall, and John Evans _

Nine Moments of Time On itunes

Download this terrific album online at itunes!