Scott Douglas Marshall


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Greetings, and "Welcome" Scott to our 2018 Sunnybrook Rock Band. We certainly appreciate you joining us as an anoynomous "hired gun" in the afternoon on Thursday, June 21st. Thank you, David Patt
Got an opportunity to listen your live performance at this year's Markham Jazz Fest. I was glad that I did not miss your show. You guys are AMAZING and the tune caught me in that rainy days. I have only bought your "Nine Moments of Time" from Amazon and I love it. Wish I could purchase your latest release real soon. Keep up the great job!!
Scott, Madeline, my wife and I enjoyed your playing last night in the Park. Found you have a unique way of phrasing the melody of the standards you played. Got to say you have a load of patience with the kids in band camp Love the not forget your gold pen Brian
Scotty! Thanks so much for the tribute to my parents. Big salty tears, dude! You sound great. And I echo Price here . . . Wynton!? What!? When!? Peace and groove . . .
Wynton? What? When?
Sounding great Scott! Long time no see. Should try to get out to St. John's and play the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Fest next year! Cheers
Love the site and the pics. Man, you are killin it! Really hope we get to play together sometime. Miss you brohan.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Lookin good Brother!! See you soon for smiles and giggles this weekend in St.Andrews!
Hey Scott, Great to see you last weekend, you sounded great! I really enjoyed your music! jim
Just heard from Pat in Edm - he told me about this Saturday - am hoping to be there! Very proud to have known you when... and to know you now
Seasons Greetings!! Hope things are well with you and the family,,,give Marcella a big hug. Miss you guys! Thom
Love the CDs. Long way since RIBB, BUT HAVE TO ADMIT PEI was fun.
Hey Scott, great website. Can't wait for Music Camp. (and you'd better bring your new CD, 'cause I'm not leaving without it.)
Just heard about you web site today so went in and had a look. Very impressive. Happy Birthday
great web site! How cool to have a cous on the web.
Larry now has hearing aids. The technition had jazz on his computer. I mentioned your name so he googled and got this web site. We are looking and listening. It's very good. Congrats on it and Happy Birthday on the 25th.
Scottophone! Great website. I hear that bootleg recordings of TTT3 are already circulating. Look forward to hearing your latest!
When are you coming back to the UK? You'll have a warm welcome from your fans over here!
A great CD very enjoyable music and high quality perforance.
Let me know if you are selling Scott Marshall t-shirts or socks. I'd love to pick up a couple.
Hi Scott, Love the new CD Great Coverart Marcela
Hey Scott, Your website looks great! Congratulations.